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Crappie Tips

Texas Parks & Wildlife rates Lavon as an excellent crappie lake.  Great numbers of crappie can be found once you learn the patterns for the lake.  While live minnows or shad always perform well when fishing for crappie, don’t forget marabou tailed jigs as they also perform equally well in certain instances.  The key to catching crappie in Lavon, as with any lake, is locating structure.  In the Spring, as the water temperature begins to approach 60 degrees, crappie will begin to move more shallow looking for places to spawn.  Ideal places to look for spawning crappie, will be those areas with brush, reeds or grass in shallow water only a few feet deep.  With the fluctuating lake level many times associated with Spring-time weather patterns, this can often delay the timing of the spawn, frustrating many anglers.  As the spawn comes to a close, usually around the beginning of May, crappie will begin to move deeper typically around 10 feet this time of the year.  This is when locating underwater structure become important.  The upper ends of each arm of the lake hold plenty of timber to choose from and provide the structure you will need when hunting crappie.  The key to fishing timber is to find timber that is located away from other structure.  Try finding isolated trees in large open areas of the lake void of other structure, or look for old fence rows and follow the tree line to deeper water for small trees that may be hidden under the water.  Fishing large timber fields will prove to be less productive as the crappie will typically scatter as they have more structure to choose from.   While sinking brush piles is illegal in any US Army Corp of Engineers lake, there are plenty of them out there for those that can hunt them down and locate them.  As Summer continues and the temperatures rise, crappie will move into what many anglers believe is the most predictable time of the year to catching crappie.  Holding between 15-25 ft., crappie will hold tight to structure, so finding isolated timber or sunken brush piles will prove to very productive this time of year. Timbered areas starting north of Brockdale park extending south to Collin Park and  around Ticky Creek will be hot spots to try this time of year.  North of Little Ridge Park near the abandoned boat ramp also has many submerged willow trees that will hold crappie this time of the year.  And do not  forget the areas around Clear Lake Park, as this may be another productive area to try.  This pattern will continue until the water temperature begin to lower and the crappie on Lavon begin to scatter some what making the a little harder to find.