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Sandbass Tips

Sand bass, also called sandies or white bass, are the favorite sport fish of many anglers young and old because of their great numbers and ease to catch.  They are a perfect way to introduce children to fishing as it is not uncommon to come home with a stringer full of fish after just a few hours of fishing.  Shad are the bait of choice for live bait fisherman in search of sandies.  Fisherman using lures have many choices at their disposal.  Anything that mimics their main forage fish, shad, will do well when fishing for sand bass.  Soft baits such as sassy shad or marabou tailed jigs are always good choices while anything flashy such as spinners or spoons are also good choices.   In spring time, sand bass start the spawning runs up many of Lavon’s creeks. Look for them near moving water or near the mouth of creeks.  As spring time brings warmer temperatures, sand bass will return to the main lake where they will spend the rest of the year.  The key to finding sand bass through out the year is finding bait fish.  Many veteran sand bass fisherman use birds to locate baitfish.  These birds will dive into the water after bait fish, so keep an eye for this.  This will indicate baitfish are near the surface with sand bass sure to be following close behind.  Locating these fish in the summer can be easy while these fish are schooling near the surface.  Schooling sand bass can be seen from some distance as they splash the surface while chasing large schools of shad.  Shad and sandbass will typically congregate near points, drop offs or running water.  The shore line around the island near Clear Lake Park is a good spot for fishing during the summer months.  Other hot spots include the point off of Little Ridge Park, Ticky Creek Park and Lavonia Park.   Ask any sand bass fisherman, and they will tell you that the prime spot for sand bass through out the winter, spring and fall has to be the warm water discharge at the power plant next to Little Ridge Park.  With the almost continually flow of warm water through out the year attracting baitfish, hundreds of fish are caught there daily.  As with many hot spots come large crowds, so be prepared to fish in close proximity to other boats and fisherman.  The area close to the discharge is known for its rocky bottom, so suspending your lure or bait under a bobber is an ideal way to keep your bait at a constant depth and off of the bottom.  Casting out across the current and quickly reeling back in will also prove to be very effective in this area.